About JIBNA's Personal Jewelry Insurance

We've made jewelry insurance easier than ever before – for agents and their customers. That's because we've created a new program for a specialized kind of insurance policy (jewelry floater) just for jewelry – standalone personal jewelry insurance.

A better way to insure jewelry

JIBNA's standalone personal jewelry insurance enables consumers to insure their valuable jewelry independently and apart from their homeowners insurance policy. Because we insure only jewelry, we overcome the limitations and exclusions often encountered when trying to insure jewelry with typical homeowners insurance policies.

Thus, JIBNA is able to offer agents and their customers precisely the coverage needed — no more, no less — at competitive and attractive rates. What's more, we have almost unlimited capacity backed with the security of an admitted A- rated carrier

Our philosophy

JIBNA believes that insuring jewelry properly starts with complete and accurate information about the piece of jewelry being insured. The more we know, the better we can insure it for its proper value and thus better protect the policyholder's interest — and an agent's loss ratio. Properly insuring jewelry also means that should a loss occur, we can more accurately, fairly, and expeditiously handle the claim.

Advanced underwriting

JIBNA eliminates the guesswork often associated with insuring jewelry. That's because our advanced underwriting process uses proprietary software to screen and score jewelry appraisals and perform insurance to value (ITV) calculations. This process enables us to more accurately determine how much coverage is necessary to properly insure the jewelry.

Jewelry insurance standards

What's more, JIBNA supports and uses insurance industry standards and forms developed by the Jewelry Insurance Standards Organization. Furthermore, JIBNA offers premium discounts when using JISO/ACORD forms.

JISO is a non-profit organization established to serve the insurance industry by maintaining the integrity of jewelry insurance standards, resources, and services. Both agents and consumers can access and download various JISO jewelry forms (formerly ACORD) that are used for collecting the kind of information necessary to properly insure jewelry.

JIBNA's Founder

Jewelry Insurance Brokerage of North America was the vision of David W. Hendry, Jr., CIC, and his 30+ years of Inland Marine (Jewelry) experience, beginning as an underwriter in 1975.

Hendry was instrumental in the creation of jewelry insurance standards. He is the author and developer of JISO Jewelry Insurance Appraisals Standards and Forms (formerly known as ACORD jewelry standards). Hendry has authored two books: The Jewelry Inventory and Sales Classification Manual and Jewelry Insurance: The Underwriting and Claims Reference Manual.

Since 1994, Hendry has been training agents, underwriters, adjustors, and Graduate Gemologists in the art of jewelry insurance and industry standards.




JIBNA is proud to be the only insurance firm devoted solely to personal jewelry insurance.

Jewelry Insurance Brokerage of North America — JIBNA Personal Jewelry Insurance — is a small, privately-held corporation. While we are not an insurance company, we are the exclusive underwriting manager within our operating territory (50 US States and DC) for personal jewelry insurers. We perform all of the major functions of an insurance company including designing programs, issuing policies, and handling claims.


The JIBNA Pledge

Jewelry Insurance Brokerage of North America is committed to providing our insurance agents and policyholders with the best personal jewelry coverage available.

We pledge to thoroughly evaluate every jewelry submission for accuracy and completeness. Furthermore, we pledge to make sure that our policyholders’ jewelry is properly and reasonably insured, evaluating both the quality and valuation of appraisals and other submitted documentation.

Should a policyholder need to file a claim for loss or damage, we also pledge to provide prompt claim service, be it by way of repair or replacement, or by way of a cash settlement equal to the jewelry’s value at the time of loss.




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