JIBNA Agent Claim Procedures

When reporting a claim, agents should use these procedures:

  • Report all claims directly to JIBNA claims at 877-542-6254.
  • If the insured item was stolen or suspected stolen, advise the policyholder to report the loss to the police and, if possible, obtain a copy of the police report. Obtain a copy of the policyholder’s police report.
  • To open a claim, complete an ACORD 1 Property Loss Notice. (The form will appear in a new window. Choose non-fillable version or fillable version.)
  • Obtain a copy of the most current appraisal (or other documentation) that pertains to the item(s) of jewelry.
  • FAX the ACORD 1 Property Loss Notice, the police report (if applicable), appraisal, and any other documentation to JIBNA at 215.701.8719.